What is ManageMyID.com?

ManageMyID.com is a website where students (and parents!) can view and/or manage a student's campus card account. It provides valuable information about account balances and spending history, while enabling deposits to a campus card account using a credit card. Turning off a campus card that has been lost is also a very important feature of ManageMyID.com.

ManageMyID.com is "always on", so that when a student discovers they are out of money at 10pm at night, Dad or Mom can still deposit funds, via ManageMyID. Your campus card account is replenished and ready for food and supply purchases once again!

Offers of services and products from third party companies are shown on ManageMyID.com and have been selected due to their targeted applicability to college students and parents of college students.

If your college is listed in the initial drop-down box on the home page, you can then proceed to sign up for ManageMyID.com. Note that some schools only show information on ManageMyID.com and others also allow web-based deposits to be made.

If your school is not shown in the drop-down box, you might inquire at your campus card office to see if they can add that service or if they have similar functionality to offer you. Keeping track of your campus card account is important. Make sure you have the funds ready to spend when you need them and that you use ManageMyID.com to periodically check your spending patterns to better manage your money!

These products operate under license from JSA Technologies, Inc. under U.S. Patent No. 6,963,857

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